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Food Bazar


According to Hadith,"All the believers are like a single man that if
his eye is affected, so all the body parts feel the pain, and if his
head pains, then also his entire body feels pain."

In the past few months, citizens have been busy collecting funds and
items for the flood victims. In this regard a special event was
organized by Nakhlah Montessori titled 'Food Bazar' at Jinnah Hall.
The event have been set up to provide entertainment to the Nakhlians,
which include

  • Food items
  • Jumping castle, games
  • Candy floss ,goody bags, balloons
  • Mehndi , bangles, Hand made jewellery, dresses
  • Nutritional consultancy etc,

We greatly appreciate the absolutely amazing support extended by the
visitors at our social activity "Food Bazar" both in term of
contribution and participation.

Jazak Allah for your continued support.

Food Bazar 2011 Pictures